Island of Brač – Surfers Paradise

Brač, one of the closest islands to the city of Split and the third biggest island in the Adriatic Sea.


From Split to Brač it takes around 50 minutes. You will arrive to the town of Supetar and from there…well, you can choose any direction. There is no such thing as a bad choice. The island of Brač is has so many things to offer – whether you want to lie on the beach whole day or you want to hike, or go surfing or cycling, or drink coffee, have a delicious meal…well, you can do all that here.

This is one of the islands that I have visited this island many times, but despite this I can’t say that I know the island well.

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Island of Brač has so many things to offer to its visitors, and time just flies by when you’re here.

Brač is also famous surfer destination. It hosts the festival of extreme sports ‘Vanka regule’. It’s a hilly island, so it’s a perfect place for travelers who like active tourism. Food here is amazing, but food is amazing wherever you go along the coast. And this is the truth!

I love this island, but there is one town in particular that I try to visit at least once per year, and this is the town of Bol.

Town of Bol is on the other side of the island. When you arrive to Supetar, you have to take the bus, hitch hike or rent a car or a scooter to arrive to Bol.

It takes around 40 minutes from Supetar to Bol. Bol is a little pearl. For me that town is a paradise.

Many tourists and locals share the same point of view – Bol is a little paradise. But maybe you’ll discover another town on Brač that will impress you as much as Bol has impressed me.


  1. Zlatni rat beach – Bol is famous for its beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn). Why? Well, because the top of the beach changes its shape because of the strong currents. So it may happen that the top of the beach is never the same two days in a row.
  2. Locals – There are many tourists here, but since the island is pretty big, many people live here during the year as well. There are many tourists, many people who have their summer houses here, but there are many locals as well. Well, for me this is very important -I love to visit the islands where I can hear the local dialect.
  3. Surfing – nothing more to add here.
  4. Promenade – oh, oh, oh! Promenade that connects the centre of Bol to the beach Zlatni rat is stunning. On the left you can lay your eyes on a beautiful blue sea, while you enjoy the smell of the pine trees, which line the promenade.
  5. Murvica – Once you arrive to Zlatni rat, you might as well continue to Murvica. This is a place very close to Bol, and it has A breath taking beach. Really! Great wine as well!

Best way to go: bike, car, motorcycle. On foot… it might take a while.

  1. Monastery – You can choose to go for a swim to beach Zlatni rat, but you can also head in the other direction; towards the monastery. IMG_1219

7.  Bar and restaurant Ribarska kućica(Fisherman’s house) – On the way to the monastery (if you follow the promenade the whole way through), you’ll see a bar which is so much more than just a bar or a restaurant. This bar / restaurant has an amazing location. Enjoy the glass of wine, risotto, coffee…sea is literally a few cm from you.Island of Hvar – From Bol you can easily do island jumping. You can decide to go to Hvar for a one-day trip or you can just go there once you have seen all there is to see in Bol.


8. Coffee – enjoy your cup of coffee and take your coffee in a bar where locals go. How will you know that? Just listen, people in the south tend to speak really loud (some would say that we yell or argue. No, we are just speaking.)

9. Eat a sandwich (what a sandwich!) – Just opposite the petrol station in Bol (there’s just one), there is a little sandwich bar. They make exquisite sandwiches – one with anchovies, the other one with prawns. They probably have more sandwiches on their menu list, but these two sandwiches are the best sandwiches that I have ever eaten.

10. Vidova Gora (Mount St Vid) – Mount St Vid stands at 778 m, making it the highest island point in the Adriatic. Wake up early in the morning. Do a little bit of hiking, and afterwards seek refreshment on the beach Zlatni rat.


There are so many things to say about this place. I’ve said earlier that I don’t know the island of Brač that well, but the truth is that I love this island so much that I’ve been exploring it little by little over the past 10 years or so, and there is still so much to discover here! And I’m looking forward to each visit as if it were my first visit to this island!