Zagreb – 5 Hot Spots

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, with around 800,000 people living here. People come from different parts of Croatia.
Each season is good for visiting Zagreb, as there are always some things to do. During summer there are always concerts and music festivals, during the winter there is a Christmas market and the streets smell of sausages, beer, mulled wine, etc.
The spring is just as amazing, because Zagreb has so many parks and there are so many fragrances in the air then. I love to walk the streets of Zagreb then.
The autumn, the first street vendors start to appear, selling chestnuts, sausages…
Streets are covered in leaves that are falling off the trees.

Zagreb has many museums, parks, flea markets, food markets (my favourite), lovely streets and beautiful architecture…so many things to explore.
In this post, I’ll just mention 5 hotspots that you should visit if you are just passing through Zagreb, and you should start this tour in the morning as some of these place don’t have the same charm in the afternoon.

1. DOLAC – When you arrive to the main square ‘Trg bana Josipa Jelačića’, head toward the main market. It’s just a minute walk from the main square.
Dolac has 2 floors and a floor in-between the ground floor and the first floor which is in the open, and in this floor in-between you can find restaurants, and I would recommend going to the place BUREK, where you can have the best burek in the city. You can eat there like locals do or just take burek to go! Originally, burek is made of meat, but you can have burek with cheese as well. Both are yummy!
Explore Dolac. Take photos. Visit the ground floor with dairy products (my favourite!). Visit the fish market. Enjoy!

2. CATHEDRAL & a lovely pastry shop AMELIE – Cathedral is just on the right-had side of Dolac market. You can’t miss it. Close to the cathedral there is a beautiful pastry shop, with a beautiful setting. Make sure to try there cakes or macarons. They have exquisite cakes!

3. TKALČA street – Go back to the main square or just take a shortcut through Dolac and you’ll arrive to Tkalča. This street is fascinating. This is one of the favourite local places for drinking coffee. Here you’ll also find many pastry shops, restaurant, bars, etc.

4. GORNJI GRAD – Gornji grad stands for the Upper city. It’s called like this because it’s all the way up there… 🙂 It’s very close to Tkalča, and from Tkalča it takes maybe 5-10 minutes to Gornji grad. Make sure to be there just a few minutes before noon. Find the Grič canon. Enjoy the view and wait for the noon to see what happens!

5. ŠPICA & NATIONAL THEATRE – Time to leave Gornji grad. Take funicular which will take you to Ilica Street (one of the longest streets in Zagreb). Cross the street and you’ll arrive to Špica (from German word’spitze’). It’s the trendy place to go. It’s where many locals take their first morning coffee on Saturdays. If you happen to be in Zagreb during the weekend, make sure to sip coffee on Špica. From Špica continue to the statue of Tesla and turn right to Masarykova Street. In this street you’ll find the best gelato in the city (place is called ‘La Chocolate’). I love their creamy gelatos…chocolate and all the chocolate flavours! Enjoy the gelato. Look straight ahead, and you’ll notice a huge spike. On the left-hand side you’ll see the building of the Croatian National theatre. Choose a bench. Relax. Enjoy gelato.

British Square Zagreb - Sunday  flee market

Main square during the summer months

Beginning of Tkalčićeva Street

Jarun - lake where locals seek refreshment


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